Entryway Makeover for Less Than $100

I have a long list of home projects that I want to get done this year, and this one was not on it. But I was scrolling through Pinterest a couple weeks ago, and saw the picture below, which gave me an idea.

We almost always come into our house through the garage, but there really is no entryway. When you walk in the door, straight ahead is our bedroom, there is a wall to the left, and the kitchen and rest of the house are to the right. Since there is no real entryway, there is nowhere to hang our coats, my purse, my husband’s hats, etc., so we always just end up piling all of that stuff either on the dining room table, or the dining chairs. So when I saw this photo, I thought it was a perfect way to help with this problem in our small space. Plus I knew I could do it for cheap, which is always a win!

The wall in my space was already white, so I just decided to do the bottom half dark green, with the olive branch decals at the top to make it a little fun. I was going for a modern boho vibe, which I feel like is exactly what I ended up with! Below is a list of my supplies and their cost:

  • 1 gallon of Hunt Club green paint from Sherwin Williams (I got a full gallon rather than just a small can because I’m going to be using the same green as an accent wall in our bedroom soon) – $43.75
  • 1 roll of Frog Tape – $7.64
  • Olive Branch wall decals from Ash and Olive Co. – $15.00
  • 3 coat hooks from Home Depot – $12.84 ($4.28 each)
  • 1 6 ft. 1×4 pine board from Home Depot – $7.47
  • 1 package of 2″ construction screws from Home Depot $7.97
  • 1 small can of Minwax stain in Golden Oak (I already had this so I didn’t have to spend any money on it)
  • Polyurethane (I also already had this)
  • Paint roller, paint brush for paint, and a paint brush for stain/poly (already had these as well)
  • Total: $94.67 plus tax

I started by deciding what height I wanted the hooks at and marked it on the wall. Then I (and by I, I mean my husband, lol) figured out where the studs were in the wall. Luckily there were three evenly placed across the wall, which made it easy to decide where my hooks would go. Then I taped off the area around the bottom half of the wall, and got to painting! I did three coats just to make sure I got it fully covered.

While the paint dried, I worked on staining the board that the hooks would be attached to. That had to dry overnight, and then I added a coat of polyurethane the next morning. Once the poly was dry, I had my husband help me hang the board on the wall. We did one screw on each end where the studs were, as well as one in each stud across the wall. Then we put the hooks up, and used them to cover up the screws across the middle.

For the decals on the top half of the wall, I started off by just roughly placing them where I wanted them. Once I had them in their approximate place, I actually measured everything out to make sure they were placed evenly, and started putting them up.

I had done decals from the same shop in Hendrix’s bedroom and they were so easy to apply, but for some reason I was having a really hard time getting them to stick to the wall in this space. I’m pretty sure it was because the paint on this wall was older, while the paint in his room was fresh so they stuck better. But it wasn’t a big deal, I just had to use a little extra elbow grease to get them stuck on really well. Also, our walls are textured, which makes it a little more difficult, but on a smooth surface they should stick with no problem.

I was actually having a hard time reaching the top of the wall and was getting pretty frustrated with getting them positioned and stuck, so my husband saved the day and helped me measure and get the decals all placed correctly, then I just went in and peeled the backing off and stuck them to the wall. Once the decals were up all that was left to do was style and take some photos!

This project was so quick, easy, and affordable, and it has made a big difference for us. We now have the perfect place to hang things right when we walk in the door instead of piling it all on the table! It’s pretty and functional and I love how it turned out! Now on to the next project!

Office Makeover on a Budget

My husband travels a lot for work, but when he’s here, he works from home. This week while he was gone I decided that I wanted to surprise him with an office makeover! Other than hanging a few things on the wall, we hadn’t really done anything with his office since we moved into our house, so I thought it would be nice to make it a little more “him.” 

I didn’t want to spend too much money on this makeover, so I set myself a budget of $300. I will say that there are definitely a few things that I would have done differently, or that I would have liked to add, if I had a larger budget, but I made it work with what I had. I might still make a few more changes later, but I’m very happy with what I was able to do within my budget.

I started with an accent wall in the color Bunglehouse Blue from Sherwin Williams. This is such a pretty blue and I really think it’s the perfect combo of masculine and modern, with just a touch of beachy. The rest of the walls were already a basic white, but they needed a touch up, so I just gave them a fresh coat. 

For storage, I picked up two of these six cube shelves from Target. I had originally planned on a bookshelf, but I wasn’t able to find one that I liked in store anywhere, and didn’t have time to order anything online. These shelves were only $30 a piece and they work perfectly for this space! 

He already had the Ikea chair, the dry erase boards where he keeps track of his trips, the autographed posters in the black frames, the wood sign with the fish, and the framed flag, and I knew he wouldn’t want to get rid of any of it, so I had to tie it all together somehow. The blue wall helped tie in the framed flag and the fish painting, and I picked up the blue pillow at Wal-Mart for $8, which helped tie in the chair a little bit.  I wanted to replace the black frames with wood ones to make them match the fish painting, but in the end, that was something that I ended up leaving out because I couldn’t find a matching set of the right sizes in the store anywhere. If it were up to me to choose the wall art, it probably wouldn’t have been this combination of things, but they’re all things he wants in there, so I made it work! 

The gray curtains were $20 per set at Target, and the curtain rods were around $15 a piece at Lowe’s. Other items I picked up were the cube baskets, the trays and the pencil holder for organization and the lamp, the globe, the timer, the dive helmet, and the picture frame for decor. I was going for a bit of a coastal/nautical theme, but also wanted to keep it neutral enough that he could make changes or add to it in the future if he ever wants to. 

I would have liked to have a rug to add a little more pattern and color, as well as a floor lamp, and maybe some floating shelves, but these were all things that I decided to leave out for the sake of the budget. If he decides he wants any of these in the future though, they should be very easy to add! 

As far as sticking to the budget, My total came in at right around $330. I did go just a little bit over budget, but if you don’t count the white paint, which wasn’t only for this project (we use it in the whole house,) then I came in right on budget.

The final result isn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but my husband loves it, so I’m pretty proud of it!