About Me


Hey! Welcome to the Boho Beach Blog! My name is Leandra, and I’m a twenty-something Missouri native, living in Florida. My husband Travis and I moved to the Sunshine State because, well, we were really just sick of winter! His parents also live here, and we wanted to be closer to them too. We have been married for just over a year, and are loving living just a few miles from the beach with our two dogs and two cats. We don’t have any little ones yet, but hopefully they are in our near future! We enjoy the outdoors, traveling, trying out new restaurants, going to concerts, and just exploring this big world we live in!

The Boho Beach Blog started out as a simple home decor Instagram page, but I soon decided that I wanted to start a blog as well. I knew right away that I wanted the blog to be more of a lifestyle blog rather than just home decor, so that’s what you’re going to get! I will also slowly be switching my Instagram over to be a full lifestyle page as well, so please bear with me through the process! I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I’m still learning, so it may not be perfect at first, but I’ll get it all figured out eventually! Thank you so much for joining me here, and make sure you follow me on Instagram as well!